Mobile sites and applications development

Whether it is about developing a site or an application for mobile, we have all the necessary skills to be selected as the ideal partner, supporting companies in designing their full mobile strategy.

mobile web development

Versatile offer m-applications, m-sites, location based marketing, QR code, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, are in fact just a few elements of B!Digital versatile offer.

Our clients leverage our deep knowledge of mobile marketing dynamics and utilise our powerful technology tools.


Mobile marketing therefore becomes the fundamental ingredient in the successful recipe that B!Digital recommends to companies when designing their digital marketing mix.

The assets behind our portfolio of great successes are:

  • Competence in producing personalized mobile applications (iPhone application, java games, widget, etc) and sites.
  • An in-house technology platform that matches content to +1000 different handsets, allowing an optimized experience to every customer.
  • International experience.

Ask us how we can help “mobilise” your brand!