Mobile Couponing

Mobile couponing opens a world of new opportunities for brands and retailers to bridge the digital and physical world by rewarding customers with discounts and other promotions that are redeemable within the retail environment. Innovative programmes such as Orange Wednesdays, where Orange customers can redeem 2-4-1 tickets at cinemas and enjoy 2-4-1 deals with Pizza Express, a national UK restaurant chain, are helping retain customers and increase brand affinity with the target audience.

Having worked in this space for the past 7 years, we have built a proprietary four stage framework for loyalty and promotional programmes using a mobile couponing infrastructure. We create bespoke couponing solutions that can sit alongside or integrate directly into the ePOS system depending on your requirements.


We can help you design the optimal programme for your customer base, leveraging your own retail presence or working on your behalf to bring the right retail partners to the table. Our proprietary B!3A platform generates and distributes coupons across a number of messaging channels.

We see mobile couponing in one of two flavours – either as a tactical tool to more effectively manage promotional activity or as a strategic initiative that can fundamentally change your competitive positioning in the marketplace.


  • Coupon Generation, Delivery & Redemption
  • Subscriber Management Engine
  • CRM engine
  • Consultancy

Ask us how we can help “mobilise” your brand!