Three core elements of mobile advertising campaigns

Posted on June 27th, 2011 by Posted by: buongiorno

If the dominance of smartphones no longer comes as a surprise, the lack of innovation in reaching a huge audience does.

Static, stand-alone marketing content will no longer cut it. In the USA alone, 58 million people access social networks and location-based services every month. If done well, new engagement marketing campaigns on mobile will become just as much a part of the conversation as great mobile apps.

Here are three core elements of a solid mobile ad campaign:

[1] Get ahead of the story: The ability to quickly tweak content in response to breaking news is a major asset. Do not fall victim to the idea that ads are static, finished products. Let the immediacy of the mobile space and the flexibility of new cloud ad platforms work for you.

[2] Use APIs intelligently. Add utility for the customer. Do not list a company’s address, link to it on Google Maps, for example.

[3] Let customers tell the story.  Ads that integrate the social networks people are already using have the best chance of being acknowledged, taken seriously or even going viral. Allow users to market your product for you.

Source: (edited by Buongiorno)