Orange Wednesdays Case Study

Orange Wednesdays is the world's largest mobile vouchering campaign outside Japan. Each week in the UK, Orange customers can take a friend to watch any film for free on Wednesdays at any cinema in the country. Mobile vouchers are requested via SMS, WAP or by calling 241. Buongiorno delivers the voucher directly to the handset and manages a wireless redemption terminal network in cinemas nationwide on behalf of Orange. Each user of the service is profiled as part of Orange's ongoing highly targeted CRM programme supporting this initiative. We have worked on this programme for 7 years with Orange and have rolled out the service across the UK and in Romania.


The Orange Wednesdays offering has multi fold objectives to add value to all the stakeholders involved:

  • Orange : Build brand equity and create high customer loyalty
  • Orange customers: Offer a easy to use and rewarding experience to the Orange customer with a 2-4-1 deal on cinema tickets and in Pizza Express restaurants  across U.K.
  • Film Industry : Drive incremental cinema visits and increase the breadth of films
  • Pizza Express: Drive footfall to Pizza express outlets
    • Orange and UK Film Industry set up a strategic partnership giving Orange customers access to a unique 2-tickets-for-the-price-of-1 deal on one day per week. The offering was then extended to add a 2-4-1 deal in any Pizza Express outlet in U.K.

    • The entire Orange Wednesdays solution is based on mobile couponing. The idea is to create an association of rewards with the Orange brand that could not be easily replicated by any competitor. The solution enabled Orange to personalise communication its customers, enabled users to get easy access to participate in the promotion via multiple access channels and drive enormous footfall to cinemas and Pizza express on every Wednesday.

  • The strategy:

    The key elements of the strategic solution are:

  • Ensures no other competitor could replicate this in Cinema in U.K.
  • Captures individual film viewing behaviour , personalise communication with customers and recommend films based on preferences to drive usage
  • Closes the loop for mobile couponing from receipt of a voucher to the redemption
  • cinema tickets for the price of 1  at any participating cinema on Wednesdays for any film.

    Benefits to Cinema

  • 30+ distributors and 100+ exhibitors in 420+ venues in U.K.
  • Ticket revenues from additional footfall
    Concession revenues from additional footfall
  • Unparalleled marketing support and access to the Orange customer base
  • Promotion of Film leading to a long term change in audience behaviour
  • Profiling of cinema viewing audience

  • Benefits to Orange

  • Differentiation within the mobile sector through an umbrella sponsorship programme
  • Increased loyalty
  • Increased attractiveness leading to new customer acquisition
  • Additional value added services (VAS) revenue (e.g. content downloads)
  • Low risk and cost to deliver due to existing infrastructure and internal expertise
  • Customer insight that can be leveraged into overall CRM strategy


  • Proposed Consumer Offer
  • 2 for 1 deal at any Pizza express  restaurant in U.K.

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