Patrizia Pepe


Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe at a glance

The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in Florence in 1993 by Patrizia Bambi.

Key figures:

  • 2009 Revenues: 120 mio Euro (eCommerce 1 mio Euro)
  • 2010 Revenues: 138 mio Euro (eCommerce 3,9 mio Euro)
  • 1,273 worldwide boutiques

B!Digital at a glance

B!Digital is the leading independent full service mobile marketing and advertising agency in Europe. Revenues from Buongiorno MS amounted to EUR18.9 million in 2010.

A full rounded mobile marketing program: main objectives

Core to the new Patrizia Pepe loyalty program is the new iPhone app release. Patrizia Pepe’s main goals includes:

  • Promoting the iPhone app download
  • Creating an active and loyal community around it.

Loyalty program - Mechanics

Users can join the program in two different ways:

  • By downloding/upgrading the PP’s iPhone app and filling in a short form
  • Through website, by filling in a registration form.

Users can collect points:

  • By surfing the app and doing specific actions i.e. check-in in places “suggested by Patrizia Pepe, upload of pictures or post of comments,..
  • By purchasing via e-commerce
  • By purchasing in the stores

Loyalty program – Rewarding scheme

Users can collect points according to two different scheme:

iPhone app actions:

By surfing the app and doing specific actions user can collect up to 500 points.

Purchase actions:

For each euro spent, users can get 2 points. User can get PP’s coupons (to be spent in all PP’s stores, even in the virtual one) which can have three different values, based on the amount of collected points, as per the following scheme:

Where is Patrizia? RESULTS so far

  • Loyalty program iPhone App: availability April 8th 2011
  • iPhone App downloads in the first 4days: +8,000 (Ita only)
  • Loyalty program subscribers in the first 4days:almost 1 in 2: 3,400 (Ita Only)
  • Total collected points: 970,684 (average per day 19,033)
  • Collected points from boutiques: 425,262
  • Collected points from online store: 50,350 (approx 10% of above)
  • Total Check-ins: 173

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