MTS bonus



What is MTS Bonus

MTS Bonus – the largest telecommunications operator loyalty program in Russia.

Program aims to:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Increase ARPU

Main advantages:

  • Multi-channel communication (co-branded programs, SMS, WEB, WAP)
  • All Russia coverage
  • An unique reward catalogue
  • Regular CRM activity

Results of the program:

  • High performance (more than 25 million people are registered in program)
  • High activity of subscribers (Every day, members request up to 144,000 rewards; about 480 000 people visit site every day)
  • High involvement of members
  • Average pages views of the site is 8 (that is 3 times higher than the average number in Runet)

Subtotal: Why does it work?

  • Program is unique and the first largest loyalty program for the telecom operator
  • The program is based on the client's insights needs
  • The program allows a subscriber to communicate with the MTS brand in any convenient way and at any time
  • The program offers the wide range rewards catalogue

Plans for the near future

  • Develop mobile application of MTS Bonus
  • Adding new catalogues Communications (USSD)
  • Add the possibility to pay the bonus points MTS services popular Internet portals (Mamba, Red Quest and others)
  • Just to be the best

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