Danone mobile site development

Danoneetvous.mobi, the Danone pocket site about your nutrition and your health


  • Create a new relationship with the consumer using mobile media and identify a new audience via the mobile
  • Offer content adapted to the mobile format picking up some of the website's content such as recipes, product offers, quizzes, etc…


  • NUTRI QUIZZ: Quiz about nutrition with prizes to win
  • NUTRI PROFIL: Calculation of the Body Mass Index (BMI) and Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
  • PROMOS DANONE: Danone product offers
  • RECETTES: Recipes
  • SMS alerting: New quiz / Recipes / Danone products offers


  • Short code creation:  Send « danone » on 30130
  • Marketing campaign on the three main French mobile telecom provider portals
  • Creation of a web page to showcase danonetvous.mobi (www.danoneetvous.com/mobile.php)
  • Emailing, banners
  • Promotion in the quarterly "Danone et vous" magazine
  • SMS Push on the mobile to create a database to promote the new danoneetvous.mobi content (quiz / recipes / Danone products offers)


From January to July 2009:

  • 35,280 visits
  • 288,000 pages
  • 3,280 collected opt-in mobile numbers

The opt-in contacts have subscribed to an average of 2.5 of the 5 available alerts:

  • Quiz alert
  • Recipes alert
  • Danone offers alert
  • Danone information
  • Danone partner information

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