Couponing Orange cinéday




  • Secure the loyalty of all Orange customers in France (web, mobile- even prepaid phone and cards- or both) thanks to a gathering program around cinema.
  • Increase visibility on Orange investments in the Film industry
  • Provide traffic in movie theatres on Tuesday, the lowest frequentation day


Orange cineday solution has been launch since May the 10th 2011, and is focus on mobile couponing only. Thanks to its couponing platform, already used in 8 countries for the same project, B!Digital is managing the whole technical back and front solution: from the order to the coupon validation in the cinemas.

This program offers 2 tickets for the price of 1 to all Orange customers, every Tuesday, for one movie at the same show.

You just need to order your code, up to one week before on the website, on the cinéday iPhone and Android applications, or by texting « cine » to 20000.

A single alphanumeric code is immediately sent by email or SMS, and is recognized on the digital born and cinema’s cash register.


The program is already live in the biggest movie theatres and its integration is still ongoing in the independent screen network.

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